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Nobody has a better stocked supply of pumps up to 145 HP than EBARA. With a complete supply of PUMPS and ADAPTER KITS in stock and ready to go on short notice, you can get that station up and running in days instead of months!

EBARA's Rock HIll S. Carolina location has thousands of pumps ready to ship.

Wastewater operators everywhere are well aware that one particular issue is becoming a huge problem for sewer departments nationwide.


The problem is that people are flushing those pesky disinfecting wipes that are simply too tough for most pumps to handle. In this time of coronavirus, they're quickly clogging up the intakes, damaging pumps and causing system failures. When this happens; the stations can overflow and pollute the entire area. To make this major problem worse; most municipalities don't have the spare pumps needed or enough portable pumps to keep the pump stations operational. That's why we're reaching out to the municipalities in Ohio and Kentucky to let everyone know and offer help. We're discounting all pumps and supplies at this time to help out in this crisis and we want you to know we're ready to help you get your systems up and running.

For those who might not know, here is the solution...

EBARA, located at: 1651 Cedar Line Dr, Rock Hill, SC 29730 in Rock Hill South Carolina, made a decision several years ago to build a bigger facility and make it large enough to stay well stocked with the parts to build sewage pumps up to 145 HP. Today they're on the shelf and ready to ship! In most situations, they can ship a pump to you in as little as 5 days. This means that distributors like BESCO are more than capable of providing the quick emergency assistance needed to replace those broken pumps and get your system up and running again. We have adapters that will work with almost EVERY BRAND of sewage pump in the industry, and a fully equipped service crew ready to assist.

EBARA has impellers that were specifically made to handle this problem. (Call 800-252-3726)

Ask about the smart control system known as the (Drive Manager). Among its many capabilities including torque control, it can also perform a quick low speed reverse on startup that can dislodge wipes and other debris.

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