Measures to Protect Against the COVID-19 Coronavirus

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March 10, 2020

This is to announce that EBARA CORPORATION (“the company”) continues to place the health and safety of all its employees, customers, and other stakeholders as a top priority to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We have been implementing the measures stated below based on the policies of the Japanese government as well as relevant ministries and agencies to tackle the coronavirus infection.

All of the Company’s employees will make their utmost efforts to overcome this situation. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our business partners and all those concerned.
(Note: The measures below are current as of March 5th. Please be aware that they might be subject to change depending on the situation and regulations.)

(1) Actions of the Company’s Employees
1. Health management and prevention of infection on daily basis
- Wash hands, and disinfect hands and fingers with alcohol
- Wear masks and practice cough etiquette
- If an employee has a fever (37 C or higher), malaise, or the same symptoms as the common cold, the employee should stay home. In these cases, an industrial physician will check their temperature and symptoms every day to determine whether or not to go to work
2. Work style (commute at off-peak, work from home)
- Promote off-peak commuting to reduce the risk of infection by crowded public transportation during rush hour in the Tokyo metropolitan area
- Promote telework to employees with chronic diseases who are vulnerable to severe illnesses as well as those with children when kindergartens, nursery schools, or elementary schools (both public and private) are closed. In addition, the company allows to take the time off as extra holidays
3. Business trip, business meetings outside the company
- Business trip (both domestic and overseas) is prohibited in principle (until March 13th, Friday)
- Employees refrain from going out except for an urgent need
4. Conferences, meetings, and other events
- Large-scale conferences or events will be postponed for the time being, regardless of whether they are held inside or outside the company’s buildings
- Even for small meetings, the company suggests employees have meetings such as teleconference or web meeting that they can avoid direct contact or postpone
(2) Requests for customers and other stakeholders who visit the company
- In principle, the company has requested that large group visits need to be avoided. In addition, even in the case of a small number of visitors, those applied with either i or ii below are asked not to enter the company’s premises due to the potential infection risks.
[1]. Anyone who visited the specified regions1 of China or South Korea in the past 14 days
[2]. Anyone who has a fever (37 C or higher) and symptoms of the common cold (cough, runny nose, sore throat, headaches, etc.)
- In view of situation, please understand that anyone who visited places in China other than the regions1 (including Hong Kong and Macau) or was abroad in the past 14 days might be asked not to enter the company’s premises.
- If a face-to-face meeting at the company’s business locations are necessary, please be sure to wear masks as a preventive measure against infection. In addition, please be sure to disinfect hands and fingers using alcohol when entering the company’s buildings. (Disinfectants are placed at reception and security offices.)
1 Hubei Province or Zhejiang Province in China; Daegu or Gyeongsan, Yeongcheon, Andong, Chilgok County, Uiseong County, Seongju County, Cheongdo County, or Gunwi County in the North Gyeongsang Province of South Korea
(3) Measures to be taken if an employee or related person becomes infected
- If one of the company’s employees or related person becomes infected, the company will take the measures below. In the meantime, we follow the instructions of industrial physicians and the healthcare center that are responsible for the infected person’s workplaces.
- All employees who work at the workplace with the infected person will be temporarily ordered to stay home.
- To prevent the spread of infection, the employees who had close contact with the infected person will stay home for 14 days in principle.
- Employees other than those identified to have close contact will resume their work after the workplace is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. In addition, their body temperature and personal symptoms will be checked for 14 days to observe their health condition.

Please note that all the company’s production locations in China have currently resumed operations, and there is no significant impact on product supply. As the coronavirus is still spreading around the world, however, the company will continue to carefully observe the situation and take actions to minimize the impact on customers.

Investor Relations and Public Relations Department,

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