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EBARA EPD-15MT2 PRO-DRAINER, Manual Sump Pump, 1-1/2 HP, 3 phase x 230 volt

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EBARA’s Model EPD and Optima “PRO Drainer™” are a complete solution for the pumping of slurry or semi-dirty water. Manufactured of high quality, corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel components, the PRO Drainer series are lighter weight compared to conventional cast iron pumps. This efficient, versatile and reliable pump is available in fractional horsepowers and suited for many industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural liquid applications and ideal for fixed or portable installations.

Model EPD is UL and CSA listed. Model Optima UL certified.


  • Discharge Size: 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″
  • Range of HP: 1/3 to 1 1/2 HP
  • Capacity: to 86 GPM
  • Head: to 61 Ft.
  • Max. solid diameter: 3/8″
  • Max. liquid temperature: 122°F/50°C (140°F/60°C intermittent duty)
  • Available in single and three phase models; manual or automatic operation

Key Features

  • Constructed of high quality, corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel (Note: Optima has Noryl impeller)
  • Oil lubricated double mechanical shaft seal
  • Air filled, continuous duty motors rated for up to 20 starts per hour
  • Built-in thermal protection with automatic reset (Single Phase Only)
  • Built to operate with full or partial submergence (Optima pumps are available with an optional Low Suction Device)
  • Vertical discharge allows pumpage to carry heat away from the motor


  • Drainage (basements, sumps, excavation)
  • Seepage (residential, commercial, industrial)
  • Effluent and containment transfer
  • Emptying (pools, water storage structures)
  • Wastewater (from trays, wet bars, washing machines)
  • Decorative fountains
  • Irrigation
  • Mound systems, leach fields
  • Dewatering (move water/effluent to sewage systems)