Model GSC120C

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GS Series:

  • Slim relays (6 mm wide on rail) for high-density applications
  • Relay and socket assembled as one unit for use together.
  • One Form C contact
  • High capacity 6 Amp rating
  • Secure relay/socket retention with easy ejection
  • Finger safe protection
  • LED indication
  • 10,000,000 mechanical operations
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL/cUL, CE approval


Compact, side-by-side mounting simplifies installation and wiring for reduced costs.

Macromatic GS Series General Purpose Relays are designed for high density applications while still providing reliability and durability. These slim relays (6 mm wide installed on socket) have contacts rated at 6 Amp 250V AC/ 30V DC. They are rated for 10,000,000 mechanical operations. The GS Series relays carry UL/cUL Safety Approvals and are RoHS compliant. Relay and socket installation provides finger protection, indication of power status and 1 Form C contact and is available in common control voltages.


Small profile General Purpose Relays make the best use of panel space in applications with space restrictions. The relays are economical for reduced system cost, while providing durable and reliable operation. Three configurations offer mounting versatility. Slim GS Series relays, installed in sockets for DIN-rail mounting, are only 0.25 in (6 mm) wide. GB Series (blade terminals) and GR series (octal terminals) installed on sockets can be DIN-Rail or screw mounted.


Side-by-side DIN-rail mounting simplifies installation and wiring. GB Series and GR Series are color coded for easy testing and troubleshooting of control logic circuits. AC voltage units have orange “Push-to-Test” buttons. DC voltage units have blue “Push to Test” buttons. The buttons can be pushed for a momentary test. Or, they can be locked in place with a simple 90-degree rotation. All relays have an LED light for visual confirmation that the relay is energized. AC is red and DC is green.