Company Information


Beckman Environmental Services Company,Inc. (BESCO) is located at 4259 Armstrong Boulevard, Batavia, Ohio. 45103

What we do

BESCO is a wastewater equipment and services company. We serve municipal, corporate and private customers throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We’re an authorized distributor for several industry leading wastewater equipment manufacturers. In addition, we also have service crews that can provide 24 hour on site emergency service, equipment installation and confined space entry. We also design and build package plants, pump stations, and control systems.

A brief history... 

It all began back in 1973 when Bill Beckman decided to leave a well known pump company and start providing services for the wastewater package plants in the cincinnati area. As time went on, he expanded into equipment installation and repair. His tireless dedication to customer satisfaction created a solid reputation throughout the tristate area and established; Beckman Environmental Services Company (BESCO) as a trusted name in wastewater. Over the next few decades, BESCO became a trusted distributor for several industry leading manufacturers. The goal was to provide better choices for the customers which then resulted in a reputation for excellence throughout the tristate. His focus on designing and installing the best wastewater package plants, pump stations, and control systems became the standards for many developers and mucicipalities. His innovations were highly regarded because BESCO was building things that would last. He even invented and patented his own filter system which is still in use today.

What Mr. Beckman left behind when he unexpectedly passed away in 1995 was an excellent legacy and a great  example of how a wastewater services company should operate. From the beginning, BESCO has remained dedicated to that same work ethic and constant innovation.

In 1999, Cincinnati MSD dedicated one of its pump stations as the Bill Beckman Memorial Lift Station. This was in honor of his many years of excellent service.



Today; we are still dedicated to providing the best for our customers. We’re always looking for ways to make things work better and find opportunities to innovate and serve. The wastewater industry is always changing but experience shows that some things should never change:

  • A happy customer is a repeat customer.
  • Provide great service every time because that’s expected.
  • Always do what's right.