About Besco

Beckman Environmental Services Company,Inc. (BESCO) is a wastewater service and equipment company based in Batavia, Ohio. In 1973, Bill Beckman, started servicing small wastewater package plants and using his experience with sewage pumps and related equipment to help his customers get their plants into shape. Within a few years, his hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction earned him a strong reputation throughout the tristate area. BESCO quickly became known for reliability, excellent work and a great source for long lasting pumps, advanced equipment, lab work and high quality wastewater chemicals.

In the 1980's, BESCO became an authorized EBARA pump distributor for southern Ohio and quickly established a new standard in the area for what an affordable high quality pump is. During that time, his wife Joan and their children; Juli, Greg, Cathy, and John also became involved in the business in various positions and of course, followed his lead as he rapidly developed the capabilities to; design and install wastewater package plants, pump stations, state of the art control systems, and SCADA systems. He even designed and patented an excellent filter system. By the early 90's, BESCO had won dozens of sales and service awards by several manufacturers and had already expanded product sales into Kentucky.

In 1995, Bill Beckman passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. His wife Joan assumed the role of president and his son John became vice president. John was already well experienced in the field and with many aspects of the business so he naturally stepped forward to take the lead and continue building BESCO.

In 1999, Cincinnati MSD dedicated one of its pump stations as the Bill Beckman Memorial Lift Station. This was in honor of his many years of excellent service.  Today, we carry on that same tradition of dedicated service to every customer.

In 2001, BESCO had outgrown its original location and needed a larger facility. After much planning, we built a new building. The new building provided the space needed for the expansion of the pump shop, plant assembly and service departments along with several new offices.   

Since those early days, BESCO has carefully maintained a reputation for quality and dependable service at any cost. We highly value each and every customer.