Regenerative Blowers

  • FPZ - SCL series 39 - 278 cfm

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FPZ Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative blowers are ideal for pond or plate bath aeration, wastewater treatment, vacuum lifting, large aquariums, positive displacement, trim removal, pneumatic conveying, and dust/smoke removal. Blowers provide oil free, pulse-free air at a very low decibel rating of 58 to 80 dB(A). Unique internal design channels air into sound-absorbing foam to minimize air noise—most models have sound emissions lower than OSHA requirements. Blowers can be mounted in any plane.

The standard FPZ design is a direct drive configuration, with a dynamically balanced impeller fitted directly on the motor shaft. Fit motors are 2-pole, 1 or 3 phase, rated for continuous service. 

- Compact execution 

- Simple concept 

- Reduced maintenance costs 

- Modular design 

- Pulsation and oil free air