About Us

BESCO is a sales & service company based in Cincinnati that's focused on providing the absolute best products and services currently availible in the water and wastewater field. We carry several world class pump brands, long lasting control systems, advanced pre-treatment and biological technologies, as well as our own engineered package plants and pump stations. BESCO was founded in 1973 by Bill Beckman and his wife Joan as a plant service company. Over the years came expansion and the ability to choose the best products to represent.

Since the early 80's BESCO has maintained a full time construction crew, 24 hour on call service crew, a state of the art pump repair shop, a certified warranty center, a lab and plant service crew. 

In 1999, Cincinnati MSD dedicated one of its pump stations as the Bill Beckman Memorial Lift Station. This was in honor of his many years of excellent service.  Today, we carry on that same tradition of dedicated service to every customer.