Covid-19 Policy

BESCO Customers -

While the virus situation continues to evolve, our focus is the health and safety of our personnel and the people we interact with. We will operate as usual and on your specific project or facility. However, while doing so we'll also be taking some common sense precautions that reduce the risks of contamination in the communities we serve.

If you're planning on visiting our office, please reach out to us with any questions you may have about our safety procedures.

As a business that deals with sewage and hazardous contamination on a daily basis, we always apply the best hygiene practices.

    Our goal is to continue delivering our products and services to our customers as scheduled. however; we’re also doing everything possible to eliminate the risks associated with the virus. if extra precautionary measures need to be put in place, our customers will be notified of any potential delays.

    Rest assured, we are continuously monitoring the situation and ensuring the highest standards for our customers and community. We thank you for your continued support.