Secoh Diaphragm Compressors

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SECOH has been manufacturing oil-less diaphragm linear pumps since its foundation in 1966.

JDK SeriesSecoh EL Series

Key Features

  • Long life expectancy
    Motor and pump parts are combined in one single construction. The compact and light construction form and simple mechanism guarantee a long and reliable period of operation.

  • High degree of efficiency
    The principle of electromagnetic oscillation, which practically has no mechanical friction, minimizes power consumption and provides a high degree of efficiency.

  • Low noise level
    The soundproof casing and the muffler integrated in the tank base reduce operating noise.

  • Low vibration
    Motor and pump parts are separated by a vibration-isolating rubber, so only low vibration consists.

  • Completely oil-free
    The oil-free operation guarantees a dry and unadulterated air flow.

  • Pulsation-free air flow
    Specially formed pump chambers and the muffler integrated in the tank base provide an air flow, which is practically pulsation-free.

  • Weatherproof
    The SLL, EL and JDK series are rain proof and weatherproof. However, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or snow.

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