Vent-Tech SSG


Product Brochure 

Model SSG - Sewage Valve

The Vent-Tech Model SSG sewer valve is essentially a shorter version of the Model SWG air/vacuum relief valve, but with
improved flow performance, less weight and better self-cleaning. In applications where clearance height is ample or valve
weight is not a factor, specify the Model SWG valve, otherwise we recommend specifying the Model SSG.


  • Minimize pumping energy
  • Protect from pipeline collapse due to vacuum
  • Air related surge protection
  • Manage column separation
  • Maximize the capacity of the pipeline

Key Features

  • Designed and manufactured for wastewater applications.
  • Reduced height versus other flat float designs (e.g. 02SWG is 31.5-inches tall while 02SSG is 24.25-inches tall).
  • Reduced weight versus other flat float designs (e.g. 02SWG is 48 lbs. while 02SSG is 37.5 lbs.).
  • Manufactured in 304 and 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Rated for pressures of 10 bar (145psi).
  • Minimum sealing pressure at three (3) psi.
  • Compact tubular design with direct acting floats.
  • Includes two side ports.
  • Self-flushing at pump shut-down and valve emptying.
  • High efficiency screens prevent ingression of airborne debris and bugs.
  • Available with connection to odor control units
  • Inlets, outlets, and internal clearances have a cross-sectional area at least equal to that of the valve’s nominal size.
  • Valve flanges are designed to minimize energy losses at the transition to the valve body air passages.
  • Composite or Polymer top flange improves balance and handling
  • The anti-shock/surge floats automatically limit surge and transient pressure.
  • Multi-orifice anti-shock/surge floats with evenly spaced orifices distribute pressurized air across the face of the float.
  • The anti-shock/surge floats respond directly to any negative pressure by fully opening the large orifice of the valve.
  • Orifices fitted with inserts protect from heat softening and abrasive wear.
  • Inter-changeability of valve inlet components allows for efficient conversion between Series – C and B valve functions.
  • Performance verification by independent testing facility.

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