Vent-Tech SXG


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Model SXG - 

The Vent-Tech Model SXG sewer valve combines all the features of our recent CARV designs, including superior sealing abilities and adequate compression ratio, with an innovative space saving float configuration. The design was optimized to enable its compact profile to be an excellent candidate for the replacement of failed cast-iron ball/lever type valves. The shorter design reduced the vacuum flow rating by ~15% compared to our full height SWG models, but given the SWG's exceptionally high flow, it is a small price to pay if space is a priority. 

Low Weight, Low Height, Intro to Flat Float Valve Design


• Compact Design
• Low Pressure Sealing (<1 PSI)
• Great Vacuum Flow Rating (CD 0.65 to 0.82)
• Rapid Acting Surge Protection
• Enhanced Wear Resistance
• Vacuum & Water-Hammer Protection
• Proven Cylindrical Design
• Low Maintenance Construction - 316L SS
• Top of the Line Engineering - Best in Class!
• Shorter Length in Design Makes it Easy to Place in Confined area