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Grease Control

AdPlex Biostimulant is a solution of specific nutrients which enhance the natural metabolism of bacterial colonies that exist in wastewater. It improves the energy of the bacteria to a point where it will consume a greater volume of diet and cause an increased rate of propagation. Greater populations need more food. By adding calculated amounts into wastewater at timed intervals; the bacteria numbers will increase and then absorb / digest greater amounts of organic solids along with the tiny bits that are stuck to it. Materials such as grease, lipids and other compounds over time will then be digested earlier than normal. This will result in a cleaner collection grid, and an overall reduced BOD at the plant.

When used with a manhole dispensing unit, it will result in cleaner gravity lines and pump stations as it reduces the hard grease and other materials that build up over time. When used in combination with pump station aeration and gas vacuuming system, it will reduce corrosion and odors around the facility.

This can also be applied to grease traps and other outflows that have grease and odor issues.

Biostimulation is a technique used to fix trouble spots such as restaurants with heavy grease outflows and food processing plants with excessive BOD. (Contact us to get references from customers who are successfully using this) Since 2006, it's been applied with great success in several communities throughout Kentucky and Southern Ohio that are still using it today. Call BESCO at 800-252-3726 to find out more.

ADPlex™ GST is a liquid biostimulant formulation complexed with energy systems, growth aids and organic acids (Our proprietary Technology Complex C designed to boost and diversify microbial communities. ADPlex™ GST is designed to accelerate and enhance natural bioremediation of contaminants and the digestion of organic material in wastewater and soil. ADPlex™ GST converts residual organic materials in the soil to humus to improve soil structure, water penetration and holding capacity, and enhances nutrient bioavailability to stimulate healthy soil, diverse microbial communities, and plant energy systems. ADPlex™ GST converts residual organic materials in wastewater into bioavailable nutrients, enhancing microbial uptake and oxidation, microbial diversity, which improves settleability, improves water quality, generates less turbid water, and improves disposal field water penetration. ADPlex™ GST is designed to limit nutrient bonding and maintain bioavailability in recalcitrant wastewaters and nutrient deficient, salt contaminated, compacted or clay soils.

Benefits of Use:

  • Increases microbial activity and diversity
  • Enhances nutrient bioavailability
  • Improves crop residue decomposition
  • Buffers salt and other plant toxins
  • Increases water penetration
  • Improves water holding capacity
  • Builds soil humus
  • Enhances root development
  • Reduces tie-up with other ions
  • Aids in soil borne pathogen reduction
  • Aids in management of harmful nematodes
  • Enhances natural microbial energy systems

We've been using it in package wastewater plants and pump stations in combination with specially engineered equipment that aerates the water, and then vacuums, removes and filters H2S.

It can also be used to reduce sludge in holding tanks and ultimately reduce the dried sludge hauling costs at wastewater plants.