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Formulated Bio-stimulant for wastewater

Benefits of Use:

  • Increases microbial activity and diversity
  • Enhances nutrient bio-availability
  • Improves crop residue decomposition
  • Buffers salt and other plant toxins
  • Increases water penetration
  • Improves water holding capacity
  • Builds soil humus
  • Enhances root development
  • Reduces tie-up with other ions
  • Aids in soil borne pathogen reduction
  • Aids in management of harmful nematodes
  • Enhances natural microbial energy systems

We've been using it in package wastewater plants and pump stations in combination with specially engineered equipment that aerates the water, and then vacuums, removes and filters H2S.

It can also be used to reduce sludge in holding tanks and ultimately reduce the dried sludge hauling costs at wastewater plants.