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Formulated Bio-stimulant in wastewater

AdPlex Bio-Stimulant: This formula will increase the metabolism of existing wastewater life forms such as rotifers & ciliates which will then expand the consumption of grease, pharmaceuticals, petroleum and more. The amount needed depends on factors such as aeration, temperature, and holding time. A starting rate of 20 ppm (parts per million) is generally recommended. As conditions improve and the number of good bacteria continues to rise, that rate can go as low as 2 ppm. It is one of the easiest, most economical ways to reduce unwanted sludge, BOD, and grease in a wastewater operation.


  • Increases the consumption of grease
  • Expands propagation of existing microbial life
  • Improves dissolved oxygen content
  • Speeds up the breakdown of solids
  • Helps remove harmful compounds
  • Reduces foaming

Formulated Bio-stimulant on the farm


  • Increases microbial activity and diversity
  • Enhances nutrient bio-availability
  • Improves crop residue decomposition
  • Buffers salt and other plant toxins
  • Increases water penetration
  • Improves water holding capacity
  • Builds soil humus
  • Enhances root development
  • Reduces tie-up with other ions
  • Aids in soil borne pathogen reduction
  • Aids in management of harmful nematodes
  • Enhances natural microbial energy systems

It can also be used to reduce sludge in holding tanks and ultimately reduce the dried sludge hauling costs at wastewater plants.